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Client Testimonials:


“Before starting my program with Christina, I had just had my third baby and first c-section. I wasn't new to working out, however I didn't have a fit pregnancy and despite feeling hesitant to invest in a program, I knew I needed someone else to manage my programming and macros. My biggest problem prior to joining was having an "all or nothing" mentality with food and "starting over" every Monday. I grew up around fad diets, and despite knowing better, I didn't trust myself to not try a quick fix. Finishing a six-month program with Christina showed me that my body can drop the weight without any extremes! I learned that I didn't have to spend hours in the gym to get results, and I have food freedom. I am happy to say I was able to take what I learned during my time with her and I kept trucking along on my own and am hiring her again for a reverse diet in the new year!"

- April R

Evie Roberts Transformation.png

Evie is a full-time nurse and mom of 3 who came to us struggling with her 24 hour work schedule and relationship with food. She had an all or nothing mentality: either she ate clean, or she went overboard with "bad" food. This made date nights or other social events difficult. She found herself eating past the point of fullness and getting sick, which led to feeling guilty about her choices and actions. After we began working together, she found herself creating healthier habits: getting in daily movement, incorporating fun foods in moderation into her diet without seeing the scale spike or having feelings of guilt, going out to eat and being in control of her food choices without feeling deprived, and being more in tune with her hunger and fullness.


She was hesitant to begin a fat loss phase, she was scared she wouldn't be able to lose any weight. So far she's lost 23lbs since the start of her fat loss phase eating MORE thatn she did when we first started together. She was able to lose weight while still eating the foods she loves without having to give up date nights or alcohol, and without spending hours in the gym. She was able to go on vacation, celebrate birthdays and graduations, and not just lose weight, but gain confidence and energy. A year ago, she would've laughed if you told her she'd be getting up in the mornings to go on walks or get in a workout. But now she feels refreshed and alert!

Not only has she made these changes to her own lifestyle, but she is setting the example of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle for her entire family. Her daughters have started going on walks and attending workouts with her, and her son was able to lose weight by increasing his protein intake! Her husband is now inspired to make some changes himself!

We're so proud of you Evie and how far you've come. We cannot wait to watch you in this next phase!

- Evie R


“I worked with Christina for 12 weeks and this marked a before and after in my life. I had been struggling with my weight since I was 12 years old. I've did ALL kind of diets in the world and started different fitness plans.. but everything always ended up the same way: losing weight then gaining all the weight back (or even more).


She patiently explained my program and how increasing my food intake in a controlled way would improve my metabolism.  Even though at the beginning I was afraid of eating so much more (calorie wise, since I was not eating much at all) she gave me all the support that I needed and I trusted the process and her valuable knowledge.  The results were AMAZING, I was able to improve my physique, lose weight, reduce my body fat percentage, and increase my lean muscle (all this while eating 700+ more calories a day). But overall I changed my mindset from a "quick fix diet" to a lifestyle.  She taught me the importance of food to fuel my workouts and brought my performance to the highest level ever, reaching PRs I've never dreamed of (215 lb Deadlifts, 205 lb Squats.. I'm 5'2" at 123lbs if anyone is wondering).


She was available 24/7 when I had specific questions regarding my macros or exercises and even during a personal crisis dealing with my plan while traveling overseas.  Her experience as a counselor gives a BIG benefit in the process, she knows how to easily explain crucial matters and how to recognize the main roots of a specific issue/struggles/behaviors that could potentially limit the overall success of a client. I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach and I will definitely work again with her in the future.”

- Gilda De Moris

clients 3.png
clients 3.png

"Christi Lynn is an amazing coach. She puts her whole heart into her coaching, and she was just who I needed when I started to work with her. I'm a very inquisitive person at heart and have always been the one to ask a lot of questions. Before I even signed up with Christi I had a ton of questions which she happily answered in detail. Once signing on with Christi I never felt alone or at a loss of what to do. Each week I would check in with her and she would respond with a detailed game plan  for the week, which I almost always had questions on. If she changed my macros ever so slightly up or down I wanted to know why to understand the process. Each time Christi would answer my questions in depth making sure I understood her reasoning. From working with Christi I can tell she really cares about her clients. I never once felt like I was bothering her by asking. Honestly each week it felt like I was checking in with a friend, and was excited to tell her about my accomplishments of the week. Even when I had bad days in the gym or with eating, she has always been encouraging and there with suggestions on how to improve and move forward.


Throughout my time working with Christi I always felt very involved in my own training. Meaning she took into account my personal goals, my crazy night shift schedule, my dislike of cardio, and numerous questions. She actively encouraged me to participate in my training, assuring we were on the same page and how I was feeling about my workouts and food.

Her coaching is so much more in depth than just giving you a set of macro numbers to follow and a set workout to perform then sending you on your way. Any time I wanted to focus on improving something in the gym she always had a recommendation of how I could get there. I went on my first cruise recently and was concerned with getting "cruise ready." I wanted to be in the best shape possible, to feel confident walking around in my bikini. When I spoke with Christi about this and my goals, she not only had a game plan of what to do to get ready for it, but was truly excited for me. Starting with Christi I came to her doing an insane amount of cardio to where I would have to be in the gym for a minimum of two hours each session. My macros in general were fairly low, in addition I didn't really have any understanding of the thought process that goes into adjusting my own macros. Since working with Christi we have been able to increase my macros, lose weight, gain muscle, improve upon my lifts, completely boost my confidence and have a better understanding of the whole process. Working with her I have been able to get in the best shape of my life and am beyond grateful for her coaching and the heart she puts into it."

- Jessica Hosey



"I participated in the Summer Challenge last year and am extremely happy that I did! I was able to go from eating not enough food that was unhealthy to eating 500+ calories of healthy food and still losing weight. They really focus on your personal goals and help you to understand having a positive relationship with food. Being in the Facebook group with individuals all trying to achieve similar personal goals is extremely uplifting! These girls go above and beyond to talk about all aspects that go into adjusting your personal goals and overall how to overcome all the hurdles the come along with it. I'm lucky enough to still work with @christilynnfit ! But don't think that this challenge is set up to get you to sign on with one of the coaches, these girls provide you with all the tools to continue on your own too!

If you're thinking of a change or want to learn more about macro dieting, do yourself a favor and sign up for coaching with Christi!"

- Marissa Ostroski


It is hard to believe I’ve only been working with Coach ChristLynn for only 12 weeks! It feels like we’ve been good friends for years and the progress I’ve made in only 12 short weeks is unbelievable. When I started working with her I was eating roughly 1600 calories and just spinning my wheels with random strength building programs I bought online that were not tailed to my individual needs at all. I’m eating well over 2,000 calories today (which is 450+ calories more than when I started), only doing 20 minutes of cardio for the week and I WEIGH LESS than when I started! My mind is literally blown! My body composition has dramatically changed and I’m hitting PRs in the gym like never before. Strength gains are so high right now and I’m actually lifting with purpose and intention. It feels extremely motivating! Christi has truly changed my mind about nutrition and overall sustainability when it comes to this lifestyle. Fueling my body for my workouts and my active lifestyle has been a game changer. I have never felt this good in my own skin - EVER. Not only has her coaching helped me reach goals physically but in my quality of life. My career has taken off and I’m doing so well in all aspects of my life. Even friends, coworkers and my boyfriend have been commenting on my shift in attitude and hard work. They said it's been motivating them to change their own lifestyle. My physical change has been a byproduct of what Christi has taught me about sustainability, healthy lifestyle changes, programming for my personal goals and overall mindfulness around all my actions in and out of the gym. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for her and coaching. We will be working towards my big dreams  in the future of competing one day! I’ll be on Team Christi Lynn for a long time and so proud to be her client!

- Sarah Brady



Christi has been my coach for a couple years and I could not imagine this wonderful journey without her. She has helped me lose weight and build muscle to achieve my ideal physique in a healthy and sustainable way! She puts 100% effort into her coaching, including educating herself on pre and postnatal coaching in order to help me achieve my goals as a new mom! She’s not just my coach, but a great friend who genuinely cares about my physical AND mental health. She’s motivating and compassionate so you ALWAYS feel encouraged after a check-in! Christi’s check-ins are more in depth than I’ve ever seen. Her spreadsheets are organized and easy to follow, and the video response is much more personal and informative than just a simple email! She’s one of the hardest working people I know and I am blessed to be on her team!

- karen


- Mariah

I spent years thinking I didn’t need help from a coach. Sitting in the same place, never making any progress, and finally got to the point where I was fed up. I reached out to Coach Christi in 2017, telling her I wanted to compete in bodybuilding, with the show day I had in mind. She told me that unfortunately my goal was unrealistic and that I needed to first reverse diet in order to keep my health as a top priority. We spent almost a full year working together before I stepped onto the stage. With 2 competition seasons and 4 total shows she was there every step of the way. She was able to make it to one of my shows where she was the best back stage mom. She applied my competition tan and did my show day hair and makeup, making sure everything was perfect. For the shows I did on my own she was constantly in contact with me asking for pictures and updates, with no question unanswered, to again make sure everything was going as smooth as possible.


After my last competition in 2019, we were planning on taking a long off season, which was made even longer as I decided to build a family. She was there every step of my pregnancy (and was actually one of the first people I told), and was able to provide me with pregnancy safe workouts, and keep me on track with my nutrition. Although never pregnant herself she made sure I had everything I needed to have a healthy pregnancy. I honestly believe that Christina being there, helping me stay active made for such an easy time with labor and delivery. I honestly feel sooo lucky to have found her. She has been so incredibly supportive and my biggest cheerleader, while always being realistic with me and my goals. She’s relatable, understanding, compassionate, and is so personable. I know I can come to her with any questions or concerns I may have. Christina has so much knowledge about health, fitness, the sport of bodybuilding and truly cares about my physical and mental health. She really helped me find balance with my food, the gym, and life. Christina has become more than just a coach to me, she has been a mentor and such a great friend. Through moving between 3 states, a wedding, two competition seasons, improvement seasons, and a pregnancy, I can’t imagine working with anyone else!

client 8.png

"Thank you for seriously everything. This has been such a great experience in learning about my body and what it is that I need to do to be able to really nourish it! I am seriously loving the gym, training, nutrition, the Facebook page, and everything else that’s coming with your advice and help!!  Thanks for all you do!! I mentally can feel a change and I’m learning to love being strong more than being “thin”. It’s such an amazing change that I wish more people could have. Thank you so much!!"

- Morgan


"Christi helped me eat more food than I have in years. Additionally, I have less guilt with certain types of foods (like rice) than I used to.  I had a 1/2 a cup of rice for the first time in over a year! Also, a big thing to point out is a don’t feel the need to binge anymore. Creating a healthier relationship with food and my body has been huge. 


I normally read Christi's emails a few times back to back. They are always exactly what I need to hear. Christi really seems to really understand where I’m coming from, a huge part of what made me realize what a perfect fit of a coach she would be for me.  Christi also recently implemented video response to check ins and it's a GREAT addition to her coaching! Christi will at times send side by side progress pictures and it really helps you mentally to see how much you've changed physically.


Her responses have brought tears to my eyes, for real. At times, I forget that I’ve progressed mentally too. Before starting coaching with Christi, I would have allowed the number on the scale to dictate my mood 24/7. Now, while it does sometimes get to me, I’m able to still enjoy my days and not let the scale consume me."

- Rebeccca

clients 7.png

- Sarah A

"Christina has greatly helped me in working towards a healthy well rounded lifestyle that is maintainable. Prior to working with Christina I would yo-yo between under eating in an effort to lose weight while also periodically over eat. I was not regularly working out, and when I did, I would restrict my workouts to only focus on cardio. Christina has helped me to change my relationship with food and the fitness. I am now eating more and have a better understanding of the macro nutrients in the foods that I choose to eat. Christina has also changed my perspective that lifting will make me "bulky". I feel so much stronger now and it's hard to think that I ever thought that restricted eating and cardio was healthy. Christina is incredibly passionate, patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend working with Christina to either begin or improve your fitness and health journey!"


"Christina helped me completely change my relationship with food, which is something that I always assumed was impossible. I am a bigger guy and come from a family of heavy-set people, and subsequently never thought I'd be able to have healthy and balanced eating habits. However with her guided coaching on meal timing, macro numbers, and workout schedules, Christina was able to educate me on the proper way to manage my life in order to prioritize my health. Trying to make a permanent lifestyle change is very difficult thing to do, but Christina is sensational at mentoring you through it and teaching you to trust the process." 

- Kevin


"Stage presence is such a huge factor in your total package on show day. You need to feel confident in yourself and know how to execute your posing in a way that is eye catching and shows off your personality. Christina taps in to your inner goddess and works with you to bring that sass and confidence to the stage. She is also incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with what judges will be looking for. Christina is so easy to chat with and will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with your routine and she gives a ton of feedback and reasons why certain poses work or don’t work for your body type. I was incredibly impressed throughout the whole process working with Christina and all the tips and tricks she has in her toolkit.


When I stepped on the stage the day I became nationally qualified, I knew exactly how to execute the full show and how to stand out compared to the other girls. Christina is passionate about her coaching and ensures that you will be ready to hit that stage and flaunt all the hard work you have put in to your body. I would recommend Christina as a posing coach to anyone looking to bring their best package to the stage!" 


- Andrea Leigh

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