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the ultimate health and fitness mentorship program made for women who want to change their body but need the right tools, accountability and support - without restrictions or extremes to live their healthiest and happiest life 

Let me guess... you've thought about signing up for coaching but you're:

😩 Overwhelmed by the steps you need to take on how to eat healthy and workout
😰 Unsure where to even start because you don’t know what to do to reach YOUR goals
😔 Scared to invest in yourself
🥴 Doubting you have what it takes to create the body of your dreams and fears are holding you back
😵 Stuck in information overload because you can’t figure whose advice you should follow

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Oooh girl I so get it

Here's How It Works:

The 60-Day Fat Loss Accelerator Program is a group program for woman who are sick of starting over every Monday, choosing jeans over leggings, beginning another fad diet and working hard in the gym without seeing results.

We want to help you go from overwhelmed to empowered, teaching you the habits you need to lose weight and maintain your results FOR GOOD.

Over 8 weeks, we will cover everything you need to know to lose 5-15lbs, how to eat the foods you love in moderation without losing progress, and how to avoid spending hours in the gym while still reaching your goals. We will transform your mind and body with easy-to-follow nutrition and workouts that will have you felling strong and confident. Plus, you'll also get daily coaching support, real-time feedback, accountability and an incredible community.

Start Date:

January 2nd, 2023


In-depth trainings where you'll get my exact blueprint for creating the body of your dreams, including tracking macros, how to eat the foods you love in moderation, how to spend less time in the gym and still reach your goals, and mindset, too. We'll break down the EXACT steps you need to make progress without feeling overwhelmed. Can't make the live group calls? They'll be uploaded for review + self-paced learning.


Work directly with Christi to take control of your nutrition. With our Flexible Macro Method & Mindful Eating Approach, you can eat the foods you love without having to worry about "falling off" or not being able to maintain your weight loss. Let Christi help set you up for success from the start.


Access to a 8-week fitness program with our custom team app, complete with video demonstrations. So you don't have to waste your time or wander around the gym not knowing what to do. Reach your goals without spending hours in the gym! Our workouts fit seamlessly into your life, so you never feel like you have to bend over backwards to get your workouts in.


Engage, share and learn on the group texting channel and private Facebook Community where you can connect with other women for accountability checks and positive vibes. We’re here to make sure that you take daily action on your goals! 

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Enrollment is open- Join the program now!

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60-Day Fat Loss Accelerator Program



⚡️Finding food freedom and no longer being scared of carbs or "bad" food
⚡️Being able to keep the weight off FOR GOOD
⚡️Removing the all or nothing mentality when it comes to food
⚡️Finding balance with life with kids
⚡️Ditching the cycles of yo-yo dieting and restarting on Monday
⚡️Becoming educated on nutrition, finally figuring out what and how much to eat to reach their goals
⚡️Enjoying date night or happy hours with girlfriends without guilt
⚡️Creating life-long healthy habits
⚡️No longer avoiding social situations
⚡️Figuring out a fitness routine they love that doesn't require hours in the gym
⚡️Loving themselves and feeling happy and good every day
⚡️Having more energy
⚡️Becoming confident to rock bikinis and their favorite clothing

Getting your fitness and nutrition in order has a lot of moving pieces, let’s be honest. But our 60-day program cuts out all of the noise and confusion so that you can gain traction and get results FAST.

Between our in-depth self-faced workshops, group coaching calls, positive community, 1:1 support with a coach, daily access to multiple coaches for support, Q&A's, multiple levels of accountability, and feedback, you’ll be supported EVERY step of the way—you’ll never have to do it alone again.

Our 60-Day program gives women literally everything they need in order to create the body and life they've been dreaming about.

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Pink Sugar
With the Fat Loss Accelerator Program you will get....png


Don’t waste another moment hoping that what you’re doing is right for your goals. This program will help you skip the mistakes (that even we made) through trial and error – and progress way faster because of it.

This 60-Day program will equip you with lifelong knowledge about training and nutrition, so you can finally be successful on your own and maintain your results long term.

If you can’t see yourself consistently following a plan in a years’ time, then it isn’t for you. With us, you start and end with a sustainable approach that’s tailored to your life and your goals. No extremes, no fads, no BS.

All the success stories on this page? It 100% CAN happen for you, too!

This program is for the woman who are sick and tired of feeling like they are working hard without seeing results.

The ones who are ready to finally feel in control of your health and fitness.

The ones who are ready to quit playing it safe because it’s what they’ve been told to do.

The ones who are ready to commit to themselves and their health.

The ones who are craving food freedom, to feel confident in their clothes, and an elevated lifestyle.

Can you feel that beating in your chest?

That’s your sign to join us.

Now is YOUR time to create the body and healthy, sustainable lifestyle you desire.

You're right let's do this!

                  Enrollment for this program closes soon
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