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Here to help women find balance with food & sustainably transform their bodies through a flexible approach to food & fitness.

I have a HUGE passion for helping women create a balanced lifestyle and build the body of their dreams! My job is to help women reclaim their health and look and feel their best while living their best lives. To live in a body they LOVE for life!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in School Counseling. I am so fortunate to be able to combine my career as a counselor with my love of health and fitness, teaching clients strategies for overcoming mental and emotional roadblocks that can get in the way of achieving their goals. Focusing on powerful mindset shifts, behavior changes and lifelong healthy habits that will ultimately change their lives.

I am a woman on a mission to help as many women as possible, ready to inspire, educate and motivate you to become your most powerful and confident self.





Growing up I struggled a lot with body image. I remember all throughout elementary school feeling embarrassed because of my body. I think it was because I grew up playing sports, but I developed stretch marks all over the inside of my thighs, and I tried everything to hide them. In middle school I thought under-eating would solve my body image issues, however, it only made things worse. In high school I gave up on myself and just ate whatever I wanted without thinking about it. I ate tons of junk food and didn't care what I put into my body. I felt like every diet I tried didn't work so I just kind of gave up.


By the time I got to college I was determined to find a healthier lifestyle. I started by making small changes with my nutrition here and there, things I thought were healthier, like switching from white pasta to whole wheat pasta or whole milk to skim milk. I followed what I saw in big fitness magazines. Eventually I started getting more obsessed with the idea of being super healthy and started running all the time and restricting calories. I tried to eat super "clean" but would under eat during the week and overeating on the weekends or at night when I was around "bad" food. Then I would run to burn it all off. It was a vicious cycle. I would go to the gym and lift some weights here and there but never had a very consistent schedule or training program. I always made excuses that I was too busy.


Through social media I eventually discovered "IIFYM" or If-It-Fits-Your-Macros and began tracking my food intake. At first I was SO skeptical, how could people eat carbs after 6pm or cookies and still look good?! I remember the first time fitting an ice cream bar into my diet and feeling a sense of disbelief, that I was “dieting” and still able to eat some fun foods. I was tracking and lifting, however, I still wasn't very consistent with my training or diet. Early 2015 I hired an online coach and finally started making my health and nutrition my number one priority. After truly being strict and consistent with my programming and diet I started to see results I had always wanted! I finally found balance through #moderationnotdeprevation. Soon after I started a bikini prep and competed later that summer. During that time I started researching and learning as much as I could about nutrition and bodybuilding. I fell in love with the health and fitness lifestyle and everything a bikini prep entails. Growing up a competitive softball player, I was ecstatic to continue my time as an athlete and continue to fuel my competitiveness. 

I'm so thankful I took that leap and decided to finally take control of my health and fitness. It is from my past struggles and my love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle that makes me so incredibly passionate about helping others find lasting change. Over the past few years I have been fortunate to help transform hundreds of lives through nutrition and fitness coaching.

Here to help busy women find balance through flexible dieting & weight training

After falling in love with Fitness, I got my NASM Personal Trainer certification and furthered my passion for helping others find success by becoming a coach. Experiencing my first pregnancy and balancing life and health & fitness with a newborn, I discovered my love for pre- & postnatal fitness and nutrition.

I want to help women, future moms, and new moms feel strong, confident and find the happiness they deserve, by creating healthy habits, prioritizing mental health, and using flexible dieting to get results and to keep them.




Throughout my youth, I devoted a lot of my time to recreational sports. I enjoyed living an active lifestyle, the feeling of being “healthy”, and the competitiveness that volleyball and track & field brought. Although I considered myself to be fairly fit, my diet was filled with McDonalds, Taco bell, and frozen pizzas.


It wasn’t until 2014, when I moved to California with my then boyfriend, now husband, that we had gotten into working out and eating clean. I joined the gym, going 1-2 times a week, with no clue what I was doing. We were eating very clean with a lot of chicken, rice, and broccoli. To go from living off fast foods and quick, easy meals to then eating on a very clean and structured diet, I found myself sneaking in junk food and binging until I was sick.


Finally, in 2016 I started doing my own research on exercises and proper form, looked up healthier recipes to try, searched for different types of diets out there, and found motivation from social media. Through Instagram I discovered flexible dieting and tracking macros. I loved the idea that I could still reach my physique goals while enjoying donuts and ice cream (in moderation of course). 


After getting confident with my eating habits and training in the gym, I decided to join the world of bodybuilding, training for my first bikini competition. The confidence that competing gave me sparked an even deeper passion to help others do the same and reach their goals much quicker than I did, pushing me towards becoming a NASM certified personal trainer. I invested a lot of time into learning and went through years of trial and error that led me to better understand not only what makes me feel good, but also how to find balance in eating foods that are nutritious and make me happy. I’ve learned to love my body through all stages of my life, whether I am dieting for a show, or growing another human.

Here to empower women to achieve health that is so much more than the physical through conscious decisions when it comes to food, fitness and a balanced lifestyle.

My mission is to promote sustainable wellness.  I believe every woman can achieve their goals through a balanced lifestyle. I want my clients to be able to live their lives, while maintaining a healthy physique. I pride myself on focusing on the specific needs of each client in order to achieve her desired goals.


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I was born and raised in Fairfax, VA and decided to never leave. I am married with two wonderful, spirited children. I have my master’s in medical science and a Bachelors in Biochemistry. I was on my way to become a doctor when I realized I didn’t want to be in the business of helping sick people but rather preventing people from getting sick in the first place through nutrition and lifestyle.


I grew up in a household that prioritized health and wellness, which I am forever grateful for. My parents were personal trainers and bodybuilders. Even my little brother was a personal trainer. However, when I got to college, I didn’t realize I had lost my controlled environment. I had to now figure out a balanced life on my own. Like many of us do I lived it up for the first couple years and gained the college pounds. Then my senior year came around and I had a traumatic event that altered my life. I was done thinking about the instant gratification and realized my actions had consequences! The first thing I did to get control over my life was changing my eating habits. I stopped relying on fast food and bars and started cooking almost exclusively at home. Then with the help of my brother I began training for my first fitness competition in 2012.


I fell in love with competing at that time and had done a handful of local shows then moved on to competing Nationally. I felt like it was in my blood to compete always thinking about my dad who had passed pushing me along the way. I even got as far as placing 2nd at a national show. At the same time, I had gotten engaged! I found myself at a crossroads again. I wanted to go for that Pro card, but I knew that competing wasn’t letting me live my life to the fullest. So, I decided to hang up my heels and start planning a wedding!


In 2015 in what was supposed to be the honeymoon phase of marriage I found myself in a dark place. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was depressed, my skin was breaking out, I had gained 30+ lbs in the matter of a few months, my digestion was wreaking havoc, I had no menstrual cycle, my hair was falling out in clumps, and the worst symptom of all I couldn’t get pregnant. Three doctors later and countless bloodwork I found out that I had Secondary Hypothyroidism. I believe I had essentially torn my body down from the years of competing. You know it was a blessing in disguise because it set me up on a new journey of truly finding “Health”.


I began to rethink what it meant to be healthy. Not just counting calories and doing hours of cardio to look a certain way. I was determined to create true health and happiness! Food changes everything, but your health is determined by much more than just the food you eat. You also must nourish the areas of your life that feed your soul, such as fostering positive relationships, having a fulfilling career, and finding joy and purpose. I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2016. And now my mission is to assist and teach people proper nutrition suited for their lives, so they never need to diet again. I want to inspire people to become the healthiest version of themselves!

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