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with Christilynn

​Posing Sessions Include:

  • Discussing stage presence (hair, makeup, suit selection, heel selection, overall presentation, tanning, anything else related to your "total package")

  • Customizing front, transition and back poses

  • Practicing comparisons, being on the line, your walk, etc.


Sessions are typically between 30-60 minutes. I am also available close to show day if need be! Prices are as follows:

         - 12 Sessions - $229

         - 8 Sessions - $179

         - 4 Sessions - $99

         - 1 Session - $30

"You have really good structure and lines and a beautiful overall look on stage (hair, makeup, suit)." - Sandy Williamson, Head NPC/IFBB Judge

"Stage posing and suit color and cut and hair and makeup was spot on. Symmetry and shape is very good." - John Tuman, NPC/IFBB Judge


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Thank you for reaching out! Be on the lookout for a response within 24-48 hours.

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