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Coaching Misconceptions About 1:1 Coaching

1. You HAVE to be a Perfect Client

This belief is setting you up to fail right from the start. Because no one is perfect. At CLFIT coaching, we preach progress, not perfection. Life happens and things will come up, and if you have a less-than-stellar week, that’s exactly what your coach is there for! Our jobs would be pretty boring if we had perfect robot clients checking in each week, and wouldn’t leave us with much work to do. Coaching is about having someone there to help troubleshoot if you have a bad day or bad week, who can help you handle certain situations. Instead of self-sabotaging or giving up on your goals which you might do if you were alone, a coach is there to help keep you on track in times of need!

2. Waiting for the Perfect Time for Coaching

News flash, there’s no such thing as the perfect time for coaching! Life will always be busy. If you are waiting for the “perfect” time, it’s just not going to happen. And we also don’t want you to feel like you can’t do life when you sign up with a coach! We want to show you how you can be successful on vacation, at events, going out to eat, etc. Coaches are with clients throughout all the seasons and stages of life, good and bad. Having a coach to help you navigate through tougher or busier seasons teaches you how to navigate them in the future on your own. We want to show you how to prioritize your health and fitness even when you have lots going on. THIS is important when it comes to sustainable results. Otherwise, you’re just “in shape” for a few months and then go back to where you were before. With a coach, we help integrate this into your life so you can make results that stick for life!

3. Worried Your Coach Will Judge Your Progress Pictures

We do require initial photos so we can have a baseline for assessing changes. No no need to feel embarrassed or intimidated! This is important, as it allows us another measure of progress other than just using the scale. But I promise, your coach is not judging your photos whatsoever. We’ve taken them (and still do) take progress photos ourselves to send to our coaches! Yes, coaches have coaches! We’ve sent those early mornings, just woke-up pictures too. We are NOT picking your photos apart, not looking at your face or anything else. We’re simply assessing progress. No judgment at all!

These may feel hard to take, but trust me, you will be happy you took them. Be kind to yourself and watch as you transform week after week!

4. Coaching will be Too Hard or Unrealistic To Follow Through

I promise, we don’t turn into drill sergeants as soon as you sign up. With CLFIT Coaching, we meet our clients where they’re at. This means that no two clients have the exact same plan, or should expect the exact same results. We go at your pace and make sure that you can be successful with current protocols. The benefit to 1:1 coaching is that we find out how to make it all fit within your current lifestyle. If something isn’t working, we’ll find another way! There are no rules and no one size fits all. 1:1 coaching is all customizable and that’s what makes you more likely to be successful!

5. Afraid of Failing or Disappointing Your Coach

Nope - not a thing! The guaranteed way to fail is to never start. Myself and our coaches have never been mad or disappointed in a client, and I hope no coach ever is and I’m sorry if you had that experience in the past. As coaches, we get so invested in you and want you to succeed! That is where our passion comes from, trying to help you see the potential you have. But we can’t want it more than you. Coaching is a team effort and partnership - so if you are communicating honestly with your coach and showing up, you will not fail.

But please do not ghost us if you fell “off track” or had a “bad week”. Instead, check in as usual, let us know what happened so we can help you navigate it better next time!

6. The Work is Done Once You Sign Up

Oof - this one may sting. The work is not done once you sign up with a coach. We cannot make and eat your meals, do your workouts for you, or check-in for you. However, what we can do is make it really, really easy for you. But you will have to put in some effort each week, but nothing too crazy! We’re not here to completely overhaul your entire life. So remember: progress, not perfection. Small changes add up to really big progress over time. So a little effort goes a long way! We just can’t do all the work for you.

7. Your Coach is a Mind-Reader

Contrary to popular belief, your coach cannot read your mind. We need to know how you’re feeling, good and bad. If you don’t like something in your protocols or workouts, let us know! If you feel like your food intake is off, let us know! Our most successful clients are those who are open and honest with their coach. When in doubt, over-communicate! Have a sick baby? Let us know! You’re probably sleeping less and more stressed, which can impact your week. This allows us to coach you the best as well as create the best possible plan and protocols for you!

8. Expecting Weekly Macro Adjustments

If your macros are calculated correctly and you’re making progress, more than likely your macros are not going to be adjusted. If your numbers are working for you and your hunger levels are in a good spot, you’re losing weight, feeling amazing, clothes are fitting better, and measurements are improving, then we’ll continue to cruise at that intake! I’ve had MANY clients who have lost 25-40lbs at the same intake for months as we worked on other healthy habit changes.

Your coach isn’t lazy if they don’t adjust your macros. But if they haven’t explained why or you’re curious why your numbers haven’t changed, ask! At the end of the day, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Did this ease your mind about hiring a coach?! Were you surprised by anything when you signed up with a coach?

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