Christina, Kristen and Marissa host 4 comprehensive, hands-on fitness challenges per year!

For more information, email KCMCHALLENGE@GMAIL.COM

Next Challenge: Summer 2018

  • Customized and Individualized Macro Plan
  • Weekly Check-Ins with your Coach
  • 8 Week Full-Body Periodized Strength & Cardio Training Program
  • Full Exercise Library Explaining and Demonstrating Proper Form
  • Challenge Protocol Packet which Includes information on how to track macros, meal timing tips and more
  • Macro Cheat Sheet
  • Grocery List Recommendations
  • Access To KCM Exclusive Community Group on Facebook
  • Weekly LIVE sessions via our exclusive Facebook Group
  • Recipes and Example Meal Ideas
  • Supplement Guide and Recommendations
  • 24/7 Email Access to your Coach
  • Bi-Weekly Ab Challenges with Prizes
  • The Chance to Win Prizes from 1upNutrition, Core Nutritionals, FitCrunch Bars, Buff Bake and More!
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Before and After - Front
Before and After - Back
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Week 1 Side
Week 1 Front

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Is this for U.S. residents only?​
Nope! You can join if you have access to a gym and email!
Do I need to have access to a full gym?
It depends. The program is most compatible with a full gym
but we can oftentimes accommodate home gyms and
apartment gyms!
Is this program vegan/gluten free/vegetarian friendly?
Yes! Because we believe in flexible dieting, YOU are in charge
of your food choices! We are available if you require more
assistance with your daily macros.
What does the Training Program consist of?
The training plan is an 8 Week Full-Body Periodized Strength training program. Periodized means the workouts are broken down into specific phases  focused on progressive overload, increasing the training volume and intensity. There are new workouts and exercises each week!
  • 2 Upper Body Days, 2 Lower Body Days
  • Optional HIIT Workouts & Ab Circuits
What if my goal is to bulk and put on more muscle?

My favorite part about the challenge was the community. Kristen, Christi, and Marissa were all active in the Facebook group-in regards to making posts and also commenting on other peoples's posts which was really nice. And everyone who was a part of the challenge was super nice and supportive and helpful when someone would have a question.

The community was great and I got what I wanted out of the challenge which was to get back in the gym somewhat regularly and also to use equipment at the gym that I had never used and to feel more comfortable at the gym, especially in the free weights area.

Challenge Participant

New Years Challenge 2018

This program can be tailored to both a cutting or bulking phase! Make sure you discuss your goals in detail when you fill out your Client Questionnaire. Your coach will adjust your macros and cardio accordingly.


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