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One Time Macro Consultation


The one-time macronutrient calculation is an affordable alternative to one-on-one coaching. I will help you figure out what your initial macros to get you started reaching your goals! This package is a one-time purchase – there are no macro adjustments or ongoing coaching/support included in this consultation.
However, I will answer any questions you might have during our initial emails!

This consult includes:

  • Client questionnaire/evaluation

  • Information about macros and tracking your nutritional intake

  • Customized macros

  • Supplement Information

  • Macro Cheat Sheet

  • Sample Grocery List

  • Information on how to adjust macros yourself

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*This package is a one-time purchase with no-ongoing support.

To get you started, please fill out the following:

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  • Christi Lynn Fit Twitter

Thank you for reaching out! Be on the lookout for a response within 24-48 hours.

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